Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ten Most Beautiful Female Cartoon Characters

No, we're insane; if we sleep under the duvet with a big picture of Batman or Superman and do not believe that comic books were real. But we must recognize that in the books picture comes from time to time appear very nice effects on our mind. So what about the list of 10 female comic characters  female cartoon characters?

1- Witchblade

Witchblade own name Sara Pezzini, who has the special abilities that can be used only if she need to strip seriously. She is the sexiest Comic creators know exactly what teens their target group.

2 - The Black Widow
In "Iron Man 2, Scarlett Johansson played her role, but not so much space there was not. The comic is about a Soviet spy, from which then becomes the agent for fighting for freedom. In a tight leather outfit, of course.

3 - White Queen
Her real name Emma Frost and she is a mutant belonging to the X-Men. Her ability is to wearing a beautiful white dress with tight telepathy. Look forward to the upcoming movie X-Men: First Class. It will be there to play beauty January Jones.

4 - Hericane
When we were looking for it more, we ran into a comic database, where it says that the special abilities come through "a combination of explosion of TNT and women superheroes." No, seriously. She was a hot young woman who once began to make love on one superhero, though it blew everything around. Yeah, probably would be good to mention that the comic book series from Penthouse Comics...

5 - Spider-Woman
Yes, she also exists and she is much nicer than the wiry Spider-Man with the costume gay bulge between his legs.

6 - Black Canary
Black Canary knows martial arts, and she also has some super powers and her most important ability is called Canary Cry - a supersonic roar, which crack heads and shatter the windows of the table. It therefore has the same ability as half of the finalists Superstar.

7 - Empowered
The heroine of the comic book series Adam Warren is wearing a costume in which she gets a supernatural power. But how she uses her power, she always ends the suit torn. She walks naked underneath and there is always torn as to not see anything. Damn!

8 - Aspen Matthews
Aspen Matthews is the main character of the comic series Fathom and she is a strange hybrid of a mysterious underwater race, and ... Well, probably ... and Megan Fox. After all, that it has played in the film adaptation.

9 - Cat Woman
Probably the sexiest cartoon character, whose charms can not escape by Batman. In the new film from Christopher Nolan will be played by Anne Hathaway.

10 - Mary Jane Watson
She was the First, classmate of Peter Parker, then a model, supermodel very soon and finally Peter's wife. So actually she is the Mrs. Spider-Man. In fact, she is much nicer than what was manifested in these films by Sam Raimi.

All the above photos of these female comic characters are collected from multiple sources.

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